28 julho 2011

Eis como as dívidas aumentam e como se morre de fome na Somália

Bank stocks crash! Click here to view our video on how to profit.

Just in the last 11 trading days, the shares of UniCredit, one of the largest banks in Europe, have crashed by 31%, precipitating sharp declines in bank stocks all over the world.
For most people, this is frightening.
But to others, it's a tremendous profit opportunity:
If the shares in major U.S. banks fall by a similar amount, simple investments you can use to profit from these declines would be up at least 282% and as much as 645% -- just in the last 11 days.
Already, with a relatively moderate decline in major U.S. bank stocks, these investments surged as much as 60.8% in only two days (Friday of last week and Monday of this week).
Capture just half of those profits, and you can make a lot of money.
And this is just one of the opportunities we talk about in our video --American Apocalypse.
We also give you a preview of what to expect as this great debt crisis continues to unfold ... along with other specific investments that can soar as the housing market craters again and stocks plummet anew!
Watching American Apocalypse is free but we think it could save you, or make you, a king's ransom in the weeks and months ahead.
Just click this link, and it will begin playing immediately.
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The Weiss Research Team

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